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It's been several months since we launched our product for creating Minipools at GoGoPool. If you are new to our mission at GoGoPool and have no idea what a Minipool is, allow me to briefly explain. A Minipool is a a type of liquidity pool that folks in the Web3 community can use in order to validate transactions on the AVAX blockchain and earn yield through rewards. Simply put, a Minipool is like a really risky savings account that could generate a ton of interest.

Currently, in order to become a validator on the Avalanche network, you must be able to stake at least 2000 AVAX - which at the time of writing this is worth around $18k. That is a bear market number so you can see how in bullmarket conitions that figure becomes a lot more costly. GoGoPool cuts that cost in half through our Minipool experience. Through our liquid staking product, we match the 1000 AVAX necessary in order to launch your Minipool and begin validating transactions on the network.

Our first launch for creating a Minipool was an MVP and worked! At the time of writing this we have 63 active Minipools staking and loads more that have experienced success. However, we saw pretty instantly that there was need for a UX and UI update to make for a better experience. The main goal that we wanted to accomplish was achiving more of a one-click experience. Basically, we wanted to be able to allow the user to launch a Minipool without having to worry about setting up a Node through a third party or having to stake GGP. These were two pain points that were pretty confusing to a lot of folks. Even yours truly. That's right, I creating a Minipool with my own money and gave it a go. Talk about trusting your design and putting your money where your mouth is.

Starting a Minipool

The first thing to consider and take care of is our current users and their experience. While making improvements and updates are esstential for moving forward, it's important not to leave anyone behind in the experience. So we made sure that folks still had the option of going with the older experience without slapping a label on it like "legacy". Instead, we just rebranded it slightly as "Manual Setup". This way, everyone has an option of how they want to proceed.

We also made the CTA a bit more pronounced for creating a Minipool in the sidebar and, hopefully, improved the navigation.

Create Minipool

The New Approach

Before, you had to use a third party in order to obtain a Node ID or run the node yourself. With this approach, we did all that in the background so our customers don't have to think about it. It's out of sight and out of mind. Unless of course they are curious about what is happening behind the hood in which case we will cover that here shortly.

Create Minipool Breakdown Price Success

Simple on the surface

We really wanted to achieve a simple approach to creating a Minipool and validating for Avalanche. This is incredibly challenging from multiple perspectives. After implementing this and featuring it in our first keynote, we saw a 10x increase in our token price in addtion almost 100+ Minipools launched, and the number has only increased from there.

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Validate in one-click

If you want to try out the one-click Minipool experience and start validating for Avalance for only 1100 AVAX, then you can head over to