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The game is based on the idea of toxic waste contaminating the river, which then ends up in cat food. When cats eat the contaminated fish, they turn into zombie cats. Players have to navigate through levels to eliminate the zombie cats. The first version of the game had a "cut the rope" style of gameplay, but it was not enjoyable. The team then tried a different approach inspired by the game King of Thieves, which made the gameplay more interesting and fun. The game was released with three areas and 30 levels in total, with in-app purchases for different outfits. Although it didn't perform well in the long run, it was initially well-received and still has a dedicated fan base. The creator hopes to revisit the game in the future.

Level design concept for yarn game on mobile device Level design concept for yarn game on mobile device Level design concept for yarn game on mobile device


In the realm of mobile gaming, there exists a plethora of captivating and imaginative experiences that transport players to new worlds. However, it takes a truly exceptional concept to leave a lasting impression. Today, we delve into the story of an ambitious game development project that aimed to captivate audiences with its unique premise, challenging gameplay, and visually stunning design. Join me as we explore the journey behind the creation of a game that not only entertained but also sparked a desire for further innovation.

The Toxic Spill: A Catalyst for Adventure:

At the heart of this enchanting game lies a tale of a catastrophic event: a toxic waste spill that contaminated the river. The repercussions of this unfortunate incident took an unexpected turn when the tainted fish were used in the production of cat food. As unsuspecting felines consumed this contaminated sustenance, a transformation occurred, turning them into little zombie cats. This captivating narrative served as the foundation for the game's enthralling gameplay.

Level design concept for yarn game on mobile device Level design concept for yarn game on mobile device Level design concept for yarn game on mobile device

The Evolution of Gameplay:

Like any creative endeavor, the development of this game involved numerous iterations and experiments. The initial concept explored a "cut the rope" style gameplay, where players would construct levels and guide a yarn ball character through various obstacles to eliminate the zombie cats. While visually pleasing, it became evident that this approach lacked the essential element of fun.

Undeterred, the team turned to other sources of inspiration and discovered the captivating mechanics of the game "King of Thieves." Inspired by its engaging gameplay, they decided to build upon this concept, resulting in a more dynamic and entertaining experience. This new direction breathed life into the game, offering players a fresh challenge and a renewed sense of excitement.

The Journey Begins:

Armed with a revamped gameplay mechanics, the team embarked on their creative endeavor, developing three distinct areas comprising a total of 30 captivating levels. Each level presented a unique set of challenges, requiring players to demonstrate their dexterity and problem-solving skills. The initial release garnered enthusiastic responses, with players praising the game's addictive nature and charming visuals.

Monetization: Balancing Art and Commerce:

In order to sustain the project financially, the team implemented in-app purchases, allowing players to acquire various outfits for their yarn ball character. This innovative approach not only added a layer of personalization but also ensured the game's continued development and improvement. While the game did not achieve sustained commercial success, it remains a beloved gem within the gaming community, cherished by those seeking a truly enjoyable experience.

Reflections and Future Possibilities:

As the years have passed, the team fondly looks back on this extraordinary journey. The game's compelling concept, delightful gameplay, and stunning design continue to resonate with players. Although the project concluded, the team harbors a desire to revisit this imaginative world someday, armed with new ideas and fresh perspectives.


The tale of the game "Zombie Cats" serves as a testament to the power of creativity, resilience, and adaptability. It reminds us that even in the face of initial setbacks, true innovation can emerge when we remain open to new possibilities. As we explore the vast landscape of mobile gaming, let us remember the remarkable story behind this game and seek inspiration from the passion and dedication that brought it to life.